Reality Bites
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2001-11-30 18:41:38 (UTC)

Day Off fun

We got today off Thank God, I was so feeling sick
yesterday, I started surfing the crimson wave yesterday at
school and that was less than fun. Surprisingly I wasn't in
a bad mood, I just really didn't feel good. Last period of
the day (w/ Jesse) I had my head down on my desk and I was
totally out of it. It was really cute, Jesse and Jordan and
a couple over the other guys left and got me some advil. I
was like Awww! Then Jesse let me have some of his water,
and that's a big deal..he NEVER lets anyone drink out of
his drinks..I dunno why, but Im all, "Do you want me to
keep it now that I've dranken out of it?" and he's all,
"No! I want it back silly *smiled then took a big drink*"
lol. I went shopping after school w/ Lyss and Jenn, then to
coffee w/ some juniors, then to a singing lesson, then to
the gym...then STRAIGHT to bed...Im ill write

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