Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-11-30 18:36:35 (UTC)

i have come the cruel..

i have come the cruel realization that graduation and
going to college is very scary. scary scary scary scary
scary. the thing is... i am not going to get into the 3
colleges i apply to because a)i suck, b)nobody likes me
and c) where's mary? yeah... the last thing has nothing
to do with it. mt. holyoke. what a great school. why
would they ever admit me? am i insane? i'm never
getting in there. boston u... what a joke even applying. i
mean, it's even harder than holyoke... hard hard hard...
and then there's ithaca. i will cry if they don't admit me
because it's my fall back school and it sucks anyways.
not for me that's ithaca... i mean, why am i applying
there anyways? sorry any ithacians. at least it's closer
to PA than canandaigua. at least the application is
easy. applications suck the big one... i mean really,
they are horrible! i don't like writing essays for people i
don't know and know that these people will judge me
harshly, and not like me and everything. and the
applications are so confusing, every single college
insists to do it in a different way. stupid. it's like a test
before even being accepted.

what if i get into all three schools? if it happens, and it
won't, where would i go? ithaca? hell no. so boston or
mt. holyoke? i don't know. there are things and then
there are things. grrr... so maybe i should go visit
boston before i decide. good idea.

george harrison died, that is so sad.


no, no sex. dammit.

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