Tenoh's Idle Pennings
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2001-03-30 23:12:26 (UTC)

Right now, I m SORE AS A, um,..

Right now, I'm SORE AS A, um, well, I'm sore from dryland
swim practice. UUUUUUUUNNNN! I'm HURTIN'! But anyways. I'm
very excited, despite the fact that I'm half dead as well,
because I am going to NYC tomorrow. I have the addresses of
THREE (3, san, tres, trio, yaddyyaddah) manga bookstores,
one being used, and I am going to SHOP for manga till I
DROP from exhaustion (and run out of money, which shouldn't
take so long ^_^).

Song of the Entry is: Watashi no Tamagoyaki (the hilarious
one to Beethovan's 7th, from Dragon Half! AAAAAAHH! It's
Juri singing about omelettes!)

Sweetheart: My darling Himemiya

Manga of Choice (first on the list): Rurouni Kenshin- I
want to get the whole series for $2 a piece- oooh, that
would kick major Chibi-usa's A$$!

Love and Bishies,


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