An inside look(AHHH)
2001-11-30 18:27:46 (UTC)

Friday, the flavor of the week

Gee, another "fun" Friday is here again, even though last
week my friday was much better and i enjoyed it much more,
b/c i was out of school. I think that the more i come here
the more i hate it, but then again that's just my
perception of it. South is this black hole that just keeps
sucking me in farther and farther. I am wondering can my
high school career get any worse, i mean its not like i
make bad grades or anything but i mean damn, this place
sucks and can it get worse? I think that Friday is the
savior of my week, on friday morning i can feel my eyes
light up as i peel them open when my alarm goes off, and i
can feel the glow of a great weekend without school
hovering about me like a magnetic field. I think that if i
smile more and just pretend like i dont care that maybe
things could get better, maybe. I think that not caring is
a great poilcy to have also, i mean just forget about it,
or as the mafia likes to say, fuhget abad it.(bad italian
accent attempt)