life thru my eyes
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2001-11-30 18:27:06 (UTC)

Was this supposed to be a wonderful day?

Mood: neutral
Time: 12:03
Food Status: school lunch (yuck) cheese sandwich and soup
Music: some oldies that someone has on in here

i was so excited about it being friday...i shouldn't have
been. as soon as i rolled into the parking lot this
morning i realized i was late. the tardy bell rang just as
soon as i walked into the door of my first period class. i
was already getting freaked out about my test in their and
almost being late didn't help one bit. Note: this class is
advanced math. I had studied the night before and was
confident that i knew the material but i was still nervous
cause' i need to be making good grades in there as i'm
trying to improved my average. i have a B that is almost
an A and i want an A in there so bad. so the test was
passed out and i started...well i tried to start. the more
problems i looked at the more frantic i got, realizing i
didn't know how to do hardly any of them. i did as many as
i could then just sat there and stared at the test. i
finally gave up and turned it in and just sat there...but
then i just decided who cares. i don't really wanna type
the score, i might get depressed. oh well, enough
sadness. now i'm just waiting for the day to be over. i
think i typed that this morning too. oh well, now i'm
closer to the end than i was before. well, i think i might
go do something constructive now. plus its almost the end
of this class period. only one more class period and track
practice to go before the real weekend starts and i get to
see kevin. thank goodness, i'm going through kevin
withdrawl. so i guess u can hear about my weekend later.
hopefully i'm be so busy and having so much fun that i
won't have time to write. to everyone else, have a
wonderful weekend.


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