Pish posh
2001-11-30 18:22:03 (UTC)

The theater situation

In short, the faculty of the theater hates us. Or, perhaps
they don't hate us, but they are so wrapped up in their own
supposedly overscheduled lives that they have no time for
our interests. They have their own agendas, which don't
include working with the students for the students' benefit
(even though that is, in fact, their job). They see our
high school theater as an extension of their own
creativity, a place to mold into a semi-professional
theater that will be populated with students inspired and
fully dedicated to theater. Ain't happening. No one at my
school will ever devote themselves to the theater to the
exclusion of their work, freinds and other extracurrics. We
have fallen fully into the college prep trap, pudging up
our applications with multiple commitments. Even those of
us who are reasonable about our commitments are busy beyond
being able to spend hours on end filling out the sets and
lights. They allow us to do only the most mundane tasks. I
want to yell at them and kick them and get them fired. But
I must remain "respectful." What can I do?