I am a goddess
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2001-11-30 17:48:34 (UTC)

Very depressed today, People..

Very depressed today, People just got on my nerves. I
couldn't be doing with anyone or anything so all in all it
wasnt a very good day. This is going to seem kind of sad
but i feel really shitty if i don't go out on a friday and
guess what? Im not going out today.
So it'll just be little ol' me on the net all nite chatting
on msn messenger to all my buddies that havnt gone out.
That'll be like one whole person. Woo hoo. God could my day
get any more depressing???
Luke upset me today he called me something i didnt hear
what he said but i could tell it wasnt very nice. It was
just a case of everyone being a wanker and me not being in
the mood to tolerate it.
Bastards were being really nasty to my friend carly, They
invented a "Carlyfaceblocker" and proceded to throw chess
pieces at her from behind it. I just sat there and screamed
st them for being such arseholes.
They can all feck off if they are going to be like that its
not funny. Maybe thats why Luke was ansty to me; i stuck up
for carly and they didnt like that.
Well i don't give a damn, im not the sort of person who
sees something nasty being done to a freind and then not
say anything about it. I'm not like that. I won't tolerate
it especially today.