writings on the wall
2001-11-30 16:04:58 (UTC)

10 things I love about myself...(in no particular order)

1 My baby-soft hair

2 My nice skin...I have received a lot of compliments from
friends for this

3 My height...not model's height but just nice

4 The way my ass looks in my Levi's...I think I have a full

5 My lips...not pouty but just nice and 2 guys I know had
said that I am a good kisser!

6 My fingers...I love the way they look when they seem to
glide themselves across the keys of the piano

7 My long neck

8 My toes...altho my big toes may look a bit too big at
times but I still love them!

9 How I fill in my brows every morning before I go out...
after 3 years of practice, I think I have mastered the art
of filling them!

10 The courage to do things solo...altho it's only stuff
such as going to the movies or shopping but how many gals
can do that on their own without their gfs?