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2001-11-30 15:52:40 (UTC)


I've been fairly busy apparently because I haven't been
keeping my journal up to date. Here's the low down
though..I finally finished and turned in my Music project
yesturday. I think it ended up being decent. Last night I
studied for my chemistry test and went and talked to
someone for a little while. I'm not sure how that went,
whatever I had fun anyhow:) Today I got up early studied,
took a shower, ate, and took my chemistry test. Which I'm
glad to say went really well, 94!!!!!!! Hell Yeah!! I just
found the coolest radio station on the internet, it works
really well, I'm so happy with it, it's awesome!!!!

Soon I will be off to Jackson to visit my aunt a much
needed visit. I've been doing much better these last few
days thanks to a few certain people who reside in my room,
especially the one who sleeps with me, you know who you
are:) Everyone seems to be getting much happier despite
the upcoming exams, which is definatly good. On a sad note,
I haven't seen Ashley or Rachel in a few days, I miss them:(
I'll be back tomorrow night though and I get to have a next
year roomie dinner, how exciting!

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HEIDI!! I'm sorry I couldn't be
here to celebrate with you:( DOn't miss me too much, hehe.

Love y'all.