little mind farts...
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2001-11-30 15:37:22 (UTC)

la dee da...

snickers, man those things are good! i prefer reeses,
although i suspose that the only reason why i snickers are
so good right now is because i am hungry as hell! anything
would be really good at the present moment. lol
man i am operating on only 4 hours of sleep. i guess
that i am being pretty pleasent. lol i hope so. dude,
tonight i wanna go out david. i go out with him every
weekend almost. i totally don't mind it...i actually look
forward to it. i look forward to seeing his name on the
caller id, i like him alot! what if he doesn't want to hang
out with me this weekend? oh well, it won't be the death of
me. lol
man, yesterday i was chatting on the interent to this
really really nice guy, chris, and at the same time i was
choking down a bag of flammin hot popcorn. I HAD THE WORST
HEARTBURN IN THE WORLD!!!!!! i literally thought that i was
having a heart attack. it was the worst man! it would suck
if i had to start taking those little pills or something
everytime that i ate something spicy! i live for spicy
food!!! really i do and i would hate if i couldn't enjoy it
you know what sounds really really cool to me? the sound
of this keyboard. when i am typing on the dell "quiet key"
keyboard, the sound is anything but it's
actually rather soothing. i am now only typing to hear
myself type. lol i'm such a dork.

much luv,
michelle :0)

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