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2001-03-30 21:58:32 (UTC)

soap and water we took turns..

soap and water we took turns keeping watch on malcom and
and cleaning the car It had to be really quiet because of
fear of waking his parents up!! Anyway we scrubbed brushed
emptyed a whole container of deodarant just to mask the
smell (I think that alone would have giving away that
something has happened to this car.!)

But at the time we were all tired and we thought we had
done a good job... so we all went in had a cup of coffee
Marc thank us no end with all the effort we put in and we
got malc out of the shower and onto a sofa, (mind you he
puked in a bucket we placed next to him through out the
night) that shot must have been potant stuff.,,,

A couple of days later Marc came in and was looking upset
we thought it had to be something to do with his fathers
car.... We were right!!

his father was parking the car up into a petrol station and
about to fill his car with petrol when he opened up his
filler cap a nice little suprise jumped out at him... It
was Malcs sick.... We did not realise it was going to be in
the filler cap and so we did not check but marc got found
out and Malc had to pay for the professional valeting of
the car......

you see thats the thing with Marc and Malc they were always dopy in
some aspects but make for interesting reads.......

Tudor williams was another job I had in conjunction with the Morden
job I was talking to James B who also worked there at the time and he
said there was a catering job on offer there so I applied (just so
its one for job under my belt and also because I was saving up for a
car. I was a assisstant caterer for their coffee shop. Often I would
have to go in at 7 in the morning and set up the kitchen and get the
cooking done before the other staff arrived. The "tea girls"
were all very young. By this time I was 17 and I felt much older than
the other guys who were only 14 the oldest being 16. and the
converstions of these girls were so silly (well it sound like that to
me anyway). That job was easy and was shown for by the pay and I
really did not get too much to justifying me staying there and I quit
after only staying there for 5 months....

But after all this work at the coffee shop I was finally able to buy
a car. It was a Renault 5 tl and a little 1.1 engine although
throughout the time I had it. I modified to the point where you
couldn't tell the difference from that too a Renault 5 GTturbo.

I tell you something.. the reason In wanting to drive and buying a
car was because my now ex-girlfriend was always imposing on me to
learn to drive, I mean it was always been in my head but actually
doing it was not achieved until she was mentioning this to me. She
also had this idea of moving abroad and going travelling and that
idea also appealed to me... To be able to see the world and absorbing
those different cultured sounded amazing I always wanted her to do

Well if I can get back into the story of her again. I found out from
a friend at Whismiths that she was seeing someone else while we were
going out (about 2 weeks prior to bumping me). Aparently it happened
when she went to one of those pound shops with her friend to look for
some cheap wrapping paper (ironically for my birthday!) and in this
shop the guy on the counter started chatting her up!! and asked her
out for drink. (this was totally oblivious to me) well she agreed to
meet him after work and they went out for a drink... She would often
say to me she was studying when she was out with this guy!!.
And eventually I think she made a decision to see this guy rather
than me and dumped me!!.
This guy had his own home and two cars (well pretty old cars) and so
I think she was swayed by his looks and money (all material things) I
mean I'm not really a mnaterial guy and when I heard this I did not
understand that this girl would do such a thing and actaully I really
did not like her after that. In fact when I had my car taken in to
have its suspension lowered and the new nitrous fitted I was going up
sutton oneway and I say a old beat up VW next to my car I rolled down
the tinted windows (see I told you I modified it a lot) to catch a
better look of the heap, and low and behold there was her boyfriend
with her sat in the seat next to him. I looked up at them. I think I
caught her eye she was just looking at me and i just ignored her I
don't think I could have taken any more than a glance from her......
The light turned green and with a instant the nitrous kicked in nd I
left them for dust..... It was sweet vengence in a way... There was
another incident involving her boyfriend as well.. About 4 weeks I
had a phone call from her and she was talking about a shop on sutton
high street that had been burnt down by vandals... I thought nothing
of it until I realised it was her boyfriends shop... It seemed
strange even almiost like questioning that she would talk to me about
her new guys shop as if I would have something to do with it (get
over it!!! I wish I could have told her)

Well a good 3 months has passed now and I was nearly at the end of my
6th form life... Just a few more exams to go..
I still have not found someone to call my own and I was actually
getting a bit lonely especially when I saw people walking down the
street holding hands and kissing and hugging.........

Later that month I had a phone call from her ! She wanted me to go
out with her for a drink .. (strictly as friends) she said it was a
reunion for all the old members of the Whsmiths employees. So I
thought yeah that wouldn't hurt and I agreed she said she would pick
me up from my house, (she can drive by then and she also didn't want
to drink? ) So she came over and strangely all the things that had
happened from the last time I met her changed my view on her
completely. I mean she didn't look ugly but her sparkle was just not
there anymore it was quite sad.... But we got in the car and started
talking about what we were doing with ourselves. It turned out that
before we split up she wanted to go to uni and travel but now she was
just happy to settle for a secretaries job.... (which I thought was a
bit disappointing, well in my point of view anyway?)..

We went and parked up in a car park she said to me later that she
would give me a ride back, and made our way to the "Litten Tree".
that pub was unique in it had two floors and they were split into a
tradtional pub downstairs and a dance floor upstiairs it was quite
crowded when we went up to the dance floor.... Once inside I met all
the old boys and girls and it was a really great to see all the old
faces again. They kept buying me pints and pints.... I distinctly
remember her talking to me about how shit her life was and how she
wished she had not split up with me,? but I was really too far gone
to care and also I really could not relate to her because she had
changed so much from the peson I once knew. Well we were dancing away
and having fun until I really got sick I drank almost 8 pints in 2
and a half hours and I felt like Malcom it was terrible I told a
friend to tell her that I was going home because I felt unwell and I
left the pub......
The next morning I felt like crap.....She rang me about 8 in the
morning and started reeling off on what happened that night and she
was telling me that she was followed by some guyb to her car and what
I would have done if she was attacked.... I couldn't believe I was
hearing this and I just hung up....! I told her that I told her
friend and also that I was not feeling well, I also had a blinding
headache and her yelling down the phone wasn't helping me.....

Well that was the last time I spoke to her.... and I have not seen
her in 3 years......