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Who Cares?
2001-11-30 14:53:03 (UTC)

Not a happy bunny....

I can't believe she does this to me. She had an office
party type deal going on over lunch so I went into town
where I bumped into a friend of mine who I used to work
with and her sister so we popped to the pub for a quick
drink, as I haven't seen her for a while.
For some reason my girlfriend thinks that I was cheating on
her with this other girl when we started going out. I did
nothing of the sort, and told her this, but would she
believe me? Would she f........ I think there's a bit of a
trust thing going on here.
So anyway, I just emailed her and she said she wants to go
at 3 as she can get off work early. I said I probably can
as the person I work with finishes early so I can just
sneak off, but I'll have to wait and see.
Response to the news that I bumped into this girl at lunch
is to say that I don't need to finish early as she's going
to go into town with the one person I hate most in the
world so she'll pick me up when she's done.
Can you fucking believe it!!!!!!!!!!! She does this every
time as well.
Whenever I've been some place with this girl she all of a
sudden says "Oh well I'm going out with" and the her ex or
her violent, raping ex or this guy who claimed I was having
a gay affair. Man, she's really selfish, that's all it can
be. It leaves me speachless. I can't even describe how it
makes me feel.
As an ironic twist of fate my tattoo has just got really
itchy and sore. Is it trying to tell me something?????