*blank stare*
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2001-11-30 14:41:51 (UTC)

Here Comes the Sun...

Well, my depression decided to get up and scamper off
earlier than usual, which is just fine and dandy by me. I
hope it never comes back, either. (Wishful thinking, yes)
Kat, Mike, and Jake came over last night. I was supposed
to be going out with Eric, but in light of what Jake and
Mike want to do to him, I figured it'd be a bad idea. Jake
ended up having quite the amusing conversation with Eric
online, which I will now post, for your reading enjoyment:

MeInSiDe 6SiC6: if by "im almost ready" you meant a hour,
then i suppose u are correct
Auto response from PunkSparkle18: BrB
PunkSparkle18: something came up, you're gonna have to stay
home with Al. sorry man
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: god fuckin dammit
PunkSparkle18: unless u wanna get your head stomped on,
stay home
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: by who
PunkSparkle18: somebody who wouldn't mind putting his fist
through your face. (this was where Jake came in)
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: that dont tell me much
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: Mike?
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: :-D
PunkSparkle18: correct.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: ah my good buddy mike
PunkSparkle18: if that's the way you look at it, him liking
the idea of 'ending' you and all.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: oh ya, im deathly afraid of him
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: also considering he has never talked to me
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: where i come from, we have a term for ppl
like him
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: we call em "fags"
PunkSparkle18: i'll tell him you said that
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: awesome
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: umm.....was that supposed to be smoe kind
of imposing message?
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: cuz both u and i know that i could give a
fuck less
PunkSparkle18: you might know
PunkSparkle18: i don't
PunkSparkle18: this isn't mandy
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: so who am i talkin to
PunkSparkle18: no one of consequence. (Stolen from Princess
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: ....uh......
PunkSparkle18: sorry, big word
PunkSparkle18: no one you would remember
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: i wouldnt?
PunkSparkle18: no.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: are you sure?
PunkSparkle18: yes.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: so why cant i know
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: juss cuz i wont remember?
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: thats gayness
PunkSparkle18: no, it's just a favor to you. you need not
exert your precious brain power to try to remember.
PunkSparkle18: i'm being considerate
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: well maybe i WANT to know
PunkSparkle18: get used to dissapointment. (ALSO stolen
from Princess Bride)
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: ......
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: how would u like it if i told you to fuck
PunkSparkle18: i probably wouldn't so don't.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: ...or what
PunkSparkle18: you don't want to know.
PunkSparkle18: trust me.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: oh but i do want to know
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: and you not telling me is basically
inviting me to say it
PunkSparkle18: only if you think of it that way. i,
however, am not. so trust me. get over it.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: im gettin close
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: my fingers are itchin to type it
PunkSparkle18: advise them not to, for their good as well.
PunkSparkle18: you'll thank me in the morning.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: but i cant if i dont know who im talkin to
PunkSparkle18: then this makes it easier for both of us.
PunkSparkle18: be happy!
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: not til i know who im about to make
multiple rude comments to
PunkSparkle18: you and that attitude.
PunkSparkle18: go smoke up, you need a little light in your
PunkSparkle18: hit it for me.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: maybe after i know who im talkin to
PunkSparkle18: you don't want to.
PunkSparkle18: because it will kill your high, and you'll
have wasted the weed.
PunkSparkle18: smoke, then learn.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: i wouldnt fuckin asking if i didnt
PunkSparkle18: it's better that way.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: and i dont have any weed
PunkSparkle18: damn, you're screwed then, 'ey?
PunkSparkle18: poor bastard.
PunkSparkle18: i pity you.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: fuck you
PunkSparkle18: oh boy, you've gone and done it.
PunkSparkle18: that was the one thing i said you shouldn't
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: i could give a fuck less
PunkSparkle18: and it wasn't for you're good, it was for
PunkSparkle18: now i'm gonna get angry
PunkSparkle18: and when i get angry, i get my weapons out.
PunkSparkle18: and when i get my weapons out, i have a
tendancy to clean and load them.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: i think your mistaken
PunkSparkle18: i usually put them away after that, but this
time i'll make an exception.
PunkSparkle18: oh yeah, gettin the weapons...
PunkSparkle18: loaden 'em up...
PunkSparkle18: get into my pimp car with my ho's
PunkSparkle18: and drive to your place.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: ........
PunkSparkle18: where i will mock your lack of weed.
PunkSparkle18: and dance a spite jig about you.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: uh...darn?
PunkSparkle18: oh, this will be one helatious jug of spite.
PunkSparkle18: *jig, sorry
PunkSparkle18: oh, prepare for the jig.
PunkSparkle18: 'twill be grand.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: maybe u misunderstood me
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: i believe i said that i could give a fuck
PunkSparkle18: but you will, once you witness.....
PunkSparkle18: THE JIG
PunkSparkle18: *lightening and thunder*
PunkSparkle18: mwuahahahahahaha!!!
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: you are a stupid mother fucker
PunkSparkle18: not really, but you know what they say
PunkSparkle18: judge not lest ye be shot by me for judging
PunkSparkle18: or something like that.
PunkSparkle18: anyway
PunkSparkle18: *jigjig*
PunkSparkle18: bow before my jig of spite.
PunkSparkle18: it is for you.
PunkSparkle18: no one else has lived through it
PunkSparkle18: don't shit yourself quite yet
PunkSparkle18: i'm just getting started.
PunkSparkle18: *more jig*
PunkSparkle18: fear me yet???
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: ......
PunkSparkle18: NO????
PunkSparkle18: *JIGJIGJIG*
PunkSparkle18: HA!
PunkSparkle18: *jig*
PunkSparkle18: *spite*
PunkSparkle18: ha! i threw some extra spite in there!
PunkSparkle18: now what are you gonna do?
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: call u a fag
PunkSparkle18: (by the way, don't shit yourself at all,
it's not cool)
PunkSparkle18: fags are for burning
PunkSparkle18: and i'm not jewish.
PunkSparkle18: so, on with the jig aye?
PunkSparkle18: i think i'm going to orient this one toward
meanness in general, and not just spite.
PunkSparkle18: *mean jig*
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: you just a
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: :-P
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: |__(´¯`ˆ)O
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: / //°°\ Sheep Fucker!
PunkSparkle18: that take you that long?
PunkSparkle18: god you're slow.
PunkSparkle18: you need to lay off the weed on second
PunkSparkle18: stay awya from the drugs if they make you
that stupid.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: lets see you do it faster
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: fucker
PunkSparkle18: you called me a fucker again.
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: ya i did
PunkSparkle18: want me to draw that faster?
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: no make something differesnt
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: different*
PunkSparkle18: :-P
/ //°°\
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: good job of fucking that up
PunkSparkle18: mine had it's head cut off.
PunkSparkle18: it was bad.
PunkSparkle18: sheep-fucking is wrong
PunkSparkle18: except in whales
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: collectivly known as: you suck
PunkSparkle18: you're not from whales are you?
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: and you just a ho
PunkSparkle18: i'm not a ho
PunkSparkle18: i'm a pimp
PunkSparkle18: nop, i am the pimp
PunkSparkle18: no wait, i'm not
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: hahha
PunkSparkle18: i'm more of a one-girl man myself.
PunkSparkle18: but, having thoroughly smitten you, i leave.
PunkSparkle18: enjoy your butt sex yo
MeInSiDe 6SiC6: later you fucker
Auto response from PunkSparkle18: BrB
PunkSparkle18: This is Mandy, did you enjoy talking to my
MeInSide 6SiC6: he's a fag.
PunkSparkle18: no, no he's not. anyway don't worry about
it, he just left (LIE)
MeInSide 6Sic6: so you gonna come get me now?
PunkSparkle18: I can't he's coming back and there's more
people coming over
MeInSide 6Sic6: I'll never get any 'rettes at this rate
PunkSparkle18: it's not my fault you aren't 18
MeInSide 6Sic6: ...
MeInSide 6Sic6: you think ur funny?
PunkSparkle18: you do too? thanks!
PunkSparkle18: *dances funny jig*
MeInSide 6Sic6: WHAT THE FUCK!
PunkSparkle18: you no lika the jig?

And this is where he got pissed and signed off. Ah, that
was great. After that, Mike and Kat got here and we
watched the remainder of Monty Python's The Meaning of
Life. Mike and Kat went home, Jake and I went to sleep.
I was going to call Jon, because I know things between
me and him aren't right. I think I know why and if I'm
right, I want to apologize for it. The other night when a
bunch of us were gonna go play pool but had the oppertunity
to get weed, I had known we could get weed but thought we'd
still have enough money to play pool. Jenny and Maria spent
some of their money on munchies, so it turned out we could
only do one or the other. I left that up to the group as a
whole, and the majority wsa in favor of weed, so that's
what we did. And, from what I think anyway, Jon is pissed
off because I asked him to hang out with us under the
pretext of playing pool, and then we didn't play pool. But
I was broke so what we did was up to the people with money.
I don't know if he's this pissed off at Kat or not, but it
seems like he's only taking this out on me (provided that
this actually is the reason) because he's not as close with
some of the others who were there, like Maria, Brian,
Nikki, Jenny, and Mike Stevens. I don't know how he has
been towards Kat, and Steph didn't smoke that night so I
doubt he's mad at her. It wasn't even my goddamn decision,
so I'm one of the last people that was there that he should
be angry at. It was all a big misunderstanding. I thought
we had money for both. We didn't. Everyone else wanted
weed. I had no money so I also had no say. *Shrug*
I'm still sorry. Don't know why, but I am. I do really
miss him. The last time I saw him was only a few nights
ago, but we hardly spoke. It did seem like he kept looking
at me a lot, but don't ask me why and it was probably
imagination anyway. I want to call him, but I don't want to
make him more mad at me than he already is, if that's even
possible. Why do I always manage to fuck things up?

On a sadder note, ex- Beatle George Harrison died
yesterday at the age of 58, after a battle with cancer.
Today is a sad day for myself and fellow Beatles fans.
Harrison was a talented musician who, in my opinion, was
totally undercredited. He was the one who taught Lennon to
play guitar, for crying out loud, and contributed much not
only to the Beatles and the music industry but the world as
a whole. (Bengladesh, hmmm?) He will be mourned by
musicians and music fans all over the world. However,
wherever he is right now, I imagine he's jamming with
Lennon, Hedrix, Zappa... and all the great ones. We won't
forget you, George- we will still listen to your music, and
the sun will still come.

Music: Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles

George Harrison
February 24, 1943- November 29, 2001