Punk in Drublic, Far too messed up...
2001-03-30 21:48:49 (UTC)

Woah, I forgot about this..

Woah, I forgot about this little diary thing for a while...
I'm in Florida right now. So much better not having snow! I
go back to Michigan tomorrow though... Oh well, I miss my
friends :) Life has gotten better (I suppose) since my
first entry... Well nothing has changed but.. I dunno, I
don't want a boyfriend... I like a guy named will though..
Still, I don't want to go out with him! I just wanna...
mess around... with him, haha. :) Well, it's true!
Anyhow... I went to the ocean the other day... hell if I
know what ocean it was! All I know is it was salt water and
salt water sucks ass and tastes bad too. I'm not looking
forward to all the plane flights and car drives back
home... No one's on-line right now... I'm hella bored! I'm
gonna get a ferret when I get back to my house... I think
i'm gonna name it Giovanni... (Yes, there's a reason and a
story behind that) Anyhow, I can't wait. :) Well I'm gonna
go c ya in another few months maybe! Heh