Savage Garden
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2001-11-30 14:14:10 (UTC)

All things fall into place, my heart, it feels so safe.

I decided to keep everything to myself.

I put up walls so high nobody can break.

My mom says I need help.

I've been to cold.


I feel safe now. These walls are for me, not for anyone.

I think it's best that I remain 'happy' for everyone's sake.

If I share what I feel with anyone besides here they'll
worry and it'll make me even more depressed.

I want to makemy own decisions.

I don't like it when Mike or anyone else tries to read me.

I don't want to be placed as a typical teenager with issues.

He laughed when I told him this.

I walked off.

He said he was sorry and I knew he was. He's not used to me
being this way.

Sorry if I'm not the bubbly girl I used to be who literally
jumped into his arms when she saw him.

See this is good, I can write here and know he, my family or
really anyone else can see.

*breaths a sigh of relief*

I cut myself yesterday.

Out of sheer depression. Late last night I took a safety pin
and cut at my arm. Felt good. Thank gosh it's cold here or
else they would see the cut.

Ok now I have to finish this. Magda walked in. Time for my
game face.

*forces a smile*

It's not so bad. It could be worse.