writings on the wall
2001-11-30 11:29:02 (UTC)

nobody is what they seem to be...

Some friends I know seems to have everything and
sometimes I really do envy them. Take the example of
Cecilia...she's gorgeous, has a nice body, is filthy rich
and has a cute boyfriend of 3 years. I thought that she has
it all when I heard from her best friend that her boyfriend
has cheated on her a couple of times and she kept on
forgiving him. I was asking myself, what does the fucking
guy want? After I knew the truth, I only realized that
people are not what they seem to be after all...

So nobody is perfect in this world. A good friend of
mine is also like Cecil, pretty, rich and has a killer bod.
The only thing that's lacking in her is in the brain
department. She is with her current boyfriend for about
half a year now and I am happy for her, of course but
sometimes I really can't help but envy her for her 36C
boobs and she was telling me the other day that she wished
that her boobs are smaller because she have problem wearing
clothes she like due to her chest size and she hates the
way guys stare at them.

So are all girls like that? Comparing themselves with
other girls all the time and trying to find their flaws?
Why can't we be satisfied with what we have? I really can't
imagine myself with 36C boobs but I am still not happy with
my 32A. What do I really want? Will a bigger pair of
breasts make me even more complete? Will it solve all my
current problems?