2001-11-30 09:32:49 (UTC)

Anything,Everything..but mostly NOTHING

I am one of those dreaded people..the ones that are
rarely ever at a loss for words.The kind that will say
exactly whats on their mind.Then to make it worse..will do
anything to get that "Ole Deer in the Headlights Look" to
wash over some unsuspecting friends face.As most of you
know ,I don't sleep much.I am guessing the reason be that
my mind never stops long enough for me to sleep.Anything
and everything goes through my poor over worked little mind
at least a 1,000 times a minute.Even if my mouth is
shut,the mind is not.So you can just imagine what I felt
when for the last 2 days ...I could not force words to come
out of my mouth...I had given myself the "Ole Deer in the
Headlights Look" ....lol...Even though the thoughts were
strong and were right their sitting as pretty as you please
on my lips...I just could not force them past my lips and into
air.which made my mind hit overload....Words right there
that I could hear myself saying....but the came out as
nothing that could be heard audibly....Just wanted to post
this so you...my friends would know that it did
happen...and yes even I can be at a loss for
words.HehHEh...you curious friends of mine that always
inquire about my entries...Don't even think of asking for
it is my secret...I am allowed 1 secret you know.~laughs~Oh
before I forget..those that have asked about me posting a
story or two here...Well I think I will...Cause I know
certain ones of you are not gonna let me rest until I
please you!!! (means with writings,my stories...not my
body..you perverts) ~Laughs~ Anyway I am gonna go for
now,but I will start posting my stories every other
day...and my journal entries in between....~sighs~ hugs and
smoochies to all...Heather