Kittys thoughts
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2001-11-30 08:48:00 (UTC)

Stuff that happened on November 25th

9:00-11:00 PM
It all started when my "dad" talked to my Mom on
the phone(it ALWAYS starts that way)...he got mad at her
for one reason or another and when he got off the phone he
told me that "I" needed to get rid of the my dog Pudgy and
the 3 puppies...The only reason that he said that was
because he knows that I love all the dogs alot.Then he went
on to say that he was going to get me evicted and that he
was going to call the cops on me, because he was mad at me,
he always says he's going to but he never does, I am scared
that he will take the dogs and puppies and either dump them
in the desert or kill them, I would put it past him because
he has been violent in the past with both me and my Mom,
the one time that I REALLY remember was when i was 12 or
13, he just got off the phone with my Mom and he was very
mad, I asked him if I could go over to my friends house
with my sister Cassie and he told me no, so I started to
cry, then the next thing I know he has his hands around my
neck trying to choke me, when he let go I ran to the
bathroom to cry because I was embarrassed that he did that
in front of my friends, but I looked in the mirror and My
neck was all red, I could see where his hands and fingers
had been, and that I had open wounds that were bleeding,
but I wasn't sure if It was because of his finger nails or
if it was caused by his rings he was wearing, So I ran out
of the house so that he couldn't say anything and I went to
my friends house I showed there Mom which is my moms best
friend,Rosanna Lynch, she said that she would call C.P.S on
him but she never did. And then there have been times when
my Mom and "dad" where fighting really bad and he would
grab her neck with either his hands or in a type of a head
lock position trying to drag her out of the house, and the
whole time Ashley,Randy,Cassie and my self have to
watch....We all have told him many times when he fights
with my Mom not to do it in front of us but he says "I
don't care your Mom is being a bitch,cunt",or something
else then walks in his room then comes out again and keeps
doing it. My boyfriend Gabe has witnessed my "dads"
verbal/mental/and emotional abuse that he does to everyone
in the house I guess he has no shame or something...I have
also told him many times that it hurts that he treats me
like nothing and that it hurts that he doesn't love me but
he just looks me in the eye and says I DONT CARE. Not only
does he mentally abuse me and my Mom but he always makes
the little kids feel stupid when they ask for his help on
math, and he always tells them that he is "going to kick
there little ass" or "Im going to kick your fucking ass"
whenever he gets mad at them, but he also says other things
that are small but also considered verbal abuse. Every time
that he fights with my Mom he always has to be extra mean
to me and treat me worse. I have always been treated worse
then the rest of my sisters and brother. Like when he found
out that my Mom was serious about leaving him, he started
telling my brother and sisters that he loves them and he
was making them give him hugs and he never once said that
he loved or treated me as nice. But then a few weeks later
he stopped saying it and making them give him hugs and he
started to act the way he normally does. I have yet to see
it again. I am scared to leave my brother and sisters alone
with him because I don't know what will set him off and I
don't want any of them to be hurt by him. I am mainly
scared for my moms safety though because I have seen him be
violent with her in the past. I am also concerned about my
own safety because of the physical abuse that I wrote about.