2001-11-30 08:20:43 (UTC)


Yeah, so yesterday I saw three rad bands rock out at Cane's
in San Diego. Alex and I left at around 415-420, and we
got there around 530. There were already all these people
there it was kinda crazy. But yeah, Sugarcult rocked the
freakin' house, they have so much energy. They're just
wild and stuff. Hehe, they made two random people make out
on stage, and then stage dive, it was funny. After the
show we got all their signatures, and they're pretty rad
guys. After SC, Mest was on, and they rocked pretty hard
too, they played rad songs, (wasting my time!) but they
didnt play whats the dillio, and I was kinda bummed, but
thats okay. GC, then, came on, and they frickin RULED!
Yay, they played like ALL their songs of their album, and
some new ones! They played Change and Thank You Mom
(secret one) accoustic, and that was really rad.
Motivation Proclamation, Seasons, The Click! Ahhhhhh, so
rad! Shizat, I'm all Sugarcult now. I saw the music video
for stuck in america, its pretty rad. I so wanna be in a
band, haha. Wishful thinking...