Inside me
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2001-11-30 07:19:07 (UTC)

this is for that guy i'll never have

I just don't think that this will change
so much time - but i feel the same
and even though he's far away
I think of him all through my days
I hear his voice, my frown will fade
Look in his eyes and dream away
I think of things that wont occur
the things he says - said only to her
but late at night, when i can't sleep
I walk around ..and wait for he
and knowing that the time wont come
i'll wait for now, the chances..none
days seem like forever now
she's with him, i can't see how
but if she brings him happiness
I'll bite my tongue - stay out of this
maybe in the time ahead
if he is ever ready again
i'll still be here...and times gone by
but times worth nothing...until i try

(c) 2001

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