random mumblings
2001-11-30 07:12:36 (UTC)


i do have good friends even if they live far away :) jim
and heather came to visit from toronto...jim and heather
have been married for 2 years and are childhood
sweethearts. i was in residence with heather and jim lived
with me for a couple of months before they god married.
me, jim, heather and heather's cousin vicki went for wings
tonight and i had a really good time. heather and jim both
commented on how good i looked, which was likely a lie
because i refuse to take any positive comments :) so we're
having a beer, eating some wings, shooting the shit, and
this guy is stumbling out of the bar and is on his way to
his car and jim (who's a cop and a genuinely good person)
with no jacket on runs out and walks the guy home in sub
zero temperatures. i just sat there and sipped on my beer
but to be fair, i went out looking for him with his jacket
once the wings came :) jim, if you ever read this, you're
a better man than i'll ever be. :)