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Logic of the Insane
2001-11-30 06:48:57 (UTC)

Shelly again

Yesterday(Wednesday) I was in a meeting for the Theater
Team board and the phone rang. I answered. It was Shelly,
she said that she was glad that I answered and she wanted
me to go to a soccer game with her at 5pm. I had an
improvisation show to do at 5:30pm which I had to change
for. What to do??????
I wanted more than anything to go with her, but I had to
stick with my commitment. She said, in a really sad voice
that broke my heart and made me hate myself, "Oh. . .okay.
Well, I'll just go by myself then, maybe I'll see someone
there that I know." Oh well, it's over. Just thought you'd
like to now. Till next time.