Allo, Let mE be Just ANother Dull ROar
2001-11-30 06:48:57 (UTC)

Why does my arm keep pulsing

I have had spasms in my arm and in my leg a lot lately and
especially in my arm today, its weirding me out, i hate
when i have weird medical problems, they scare me. A few
years back i had internal spasms that caused me to bleed,
gross sounding ey, scared the living shit out of me when it
happened and i was embarassed to tell peolpe at the time, i
didnt even tell my girlfriend until after i had the
procedure i went to the hospital for. Anyway i think that
right now at this moment in time i am going to treat myself
to an ice cream bar, so give me a second, k? .... Well this
probably wont help my stomach in the slightest but oh well,
it kinda sounded good... Well it was damn good, i was
having that nauscious feeling again and i think it kind of
helped me, Yay Junk Food.
Well looking at some things(sites, movies, etc.) I have
decided to make a list of things that i have always wanted
to do and how much of a chance i have of realizing these
fantasies, here goes:
1 * Box- just looks hard core, i dint think i would be that
bad cause i have surprising strength for my size, i dont
brag but ine thing i have always been able to do is hit
hard, the chance of me actaully doing it is slim, i think i
might if the invitation arises because young adults are
always trying to keep in shape and some of them do some
crazy stuff to do that, so there still a chance.
2 * Play Football- K im not talking about a pick up game
type thing, i have always wanted to play full out with pads
and all the other stuff, real actual football. Chances of
that are practically none, you have to allready be an
establsihed player to be apart of anything that is real
fotball and adults, if i were 10 or 11 again, it'd be a
different story.
3 * Spin- I want to DJ and be a turntabelist like theres no
tomorrow, seriously, i want to have a partner in crime
(this will also lead into the next two dreams i have). I am
really inspired by groups and artists like Roni Size
Represents, God Lives Underwater, and Moby. Who blend
electronic and actual instruments so beautifully. I want to
be able to spin and just make people(mainly myself and who
ever my partner might be) feel the groove, just bounce. The
setbacks involved here are:equipment is expensive as hell
right now for me, finding vinyl is an art and something
that can only happen in urban areas where you have access
and i dont live in one and i dont have a car. The chances
are still high on this one, i am really sure that i can
find some one when i go off to school that shares the same
musical dreams i do (or at least we feed off eachother) and
is not to chicken shit to just jump out there.
4 * Be in a band- Same god damn lines, i want to be in a
band and i know a lot of other people that want to do the
same thing, but the issue of different levels of
experience, money, and commitment always come up. But i
will find something some day,on this you can be sure.
5 * Play more instruments- I just want to be able to create
with out being bounded be not knowing how to do something,
i want to learn guitar, drums, bass(i know some), a lil
piano (that has been the hardest for me to do when i was in
theory), trumpet, and cello. I also want to sing damnit, i
know i have a decent voice and i love to do it. Possibility
of happenening- Good, cause i am energetic and poised to
have a music career in some way-but all in all, who the
fuck knows.
6 * Make my own clothing- I love designing weird shapes and
doodleing, and i know that this is way more affordable then
buying clothes that will get you labeled trendy or a poser
(you wear vans, are you a skater? "no" poser!, You wear a
shirt that says Dank and has headphones, do you smoke "no"
do you spin? "no" poser!-- screw that) Chances are somewhat
good, this could happen, if i find a way to do it easily i
7 * Get married and have Kids- this is almost a staple in
our society, but yet i am really looking foward to it
(maybe its some mental problem having to do with the fact
that i come from a divorced and dysfunctional household). I
wanna grow old with the woman i love, and rasie a kick ass,
open, multi-talented kid. I am not the kind of person that
will talk to their current mate after a month of dating and
say "i love you so much, we are going to get married and
have kids so lets come up with names and propose to you in
another month" so in no way shape or form am i going to
rush and jump into this, im just looking foward to it. This
will be an almost certain event in my life.
8 * Live with some of my friends- I've gone on trips and i
have lots of fun staying with my friends for long periods
of time, i really want to get out on my own and have a pad
with some awesome people who I CHOOSE myself, not just born
into it. This has about a fifty fifty chance of happening.
I might go from school(living with someone the school
chose) to living with my mate at the time(i'm not saying
names cause i dont want to jinx anything)
9 * Produce-I'll just leave it at that (my dream of being
the Wizard Of OZ, the man behind the curtain)-Really, who
the hell knows if those stars will ever align
10 * Travel to _____- Pretty good chance that sometime when
im young or old ill get to explore the world more

Thats good enough for now
here are some other stuff i have been thinking about lately

*my favorite symbol is the ampersand-&- its badass, just
has this swank look to it

*my favorite # is 4 or 16, both perfect squares and just
badass numbers

*not sure what i am going to get everyone for christmas i'm
thinking that im going to give everyone two small gifts
with the same theme, i'm thinking about the emily the
strange stuff for cassy, ill have to find other stuff for
everyone else, i dont want to reveal too much in the public
you know, i dont want the cia tracking me down. Plus money
is an issue this christmas. The emily stuff is badass, i
think i might get every girl im getting something for an
emily product and maybe something else. Bets if your
reading this dont research what emily is so that i can
surprise you maybe, and if you want anyone can send in
their wish list, mind you i am poor, but ill try and ill
use this knowledge to find something that works for the
both of us, k?

I want to skate again, and play soccer again, and see some
more shows. You see where this is leading- Alejandro Needs
Phhysical Activity to Calm His Hyperness, yup, i second
that motion.

Well im off, downloaded some Stanton Warriors tonight, and
looked at some stuff, Boxerjam is back up so i am gonna do

thought- "I think the most said phrase in my house
is "Alejandro Shhh, hush" or some other variation of that
phrase. I dont know how they will live without me, im an
essential part in their day and in their vocabulary."

Get lost runt!