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2001-11-30 06:38:03 (UTC)

Bad stuff that has happened to me over the years and more resently

I know that I should have started to write this stuff down
a LONG time ago but I didnt think that it would really
matter...Well I am going to write some stuff that has been
going on for awhile and some stuff that has been more
resent.....Lets start with the more resent...About 2 week
ago my dad told my sister cassie that I wasnt alowed to
watch my little sister and brother because he didnt trust
me to watch them,even though I dont yell at them or hit
them.....And around the same time,he came home after going
somewhere and he couldnt find his wallet so he told my mom
that I probably stold it.....Then every night that he makes
dinner he never makes enough food so that I can eat,so I
hardly ever eat dinner,and i am scared to make any food
because not only has he yelled at me for cooking "HIS" food
but he has told me a few times that he would make it to
where I couldnt eat any food in the house.....Here is
something that he has been doing for a while,He goes
through all my personal things in my room I have privacy
because ever time that I leave the house or take a shower
he goes through my stuff,I know he does because I put
sertain stuff in sertain places so that I know if they have
been moved or touched,He went through my room an november
28th,I had just gotten out of the shower and was putting my
clothes back on when I heard my door close so I opened the
door alittle bit and sure enough there he was walking out
of my room.Then when I ask him to please not go through my
stuff in my room he says"Well I dont care and if you dont
like it then get the fuck out of my house."....Then last
but not least ever time that I answer the phone at the same
time as him he yells at me to stop answering the phone when
he does(but he only yells at me if someone is calling for
me)and it is very emberissing to me and my friends who
call...And most of the time he never tells me if anyone
calls me,Even if I am home or not.And every time that I
page my mom to talk to her he gets on and listens to our
phone conversations,he also listens to just about ever
conversation that I have on the phone no matter who it
is.Sometimes I will be lucky to even talk to my mom because
he gets on and starts fighting with her and when my mom
asks him to get off the phone he says "I dont have to,I can
do whatever in the fuck I want.".....Pretty much I feel
like I dont mean anything to him or that he cares about the
rest of the family....I wish that it would all end It hurts
to be treated like crap everyday for over 7 years...And the
worst part is that when I say that it hurts that he doesnt
love me, he just looks at me and says"I DONT CARE" I just
cant wait till I am out of here so I dont have to ever see
him again...Well I will write more later