Girlie Girl
2001-11-30 06:07:17 (UTC)


By writing in this diary, I hope to find answers to many
unanswered questions in my life....
I've recently moved in with my boyfriend whom i've known
for about 6 years. We've been dating now for about 8
months. Our relationship is probably the most stable one
i've ever had. Our relationship is perfec and i mean
Perfect. Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship?
But at the same time, I'm trying to figure out why I end up
ruining a great relationship. I always have to find
something wrong. We don't argue, but I have to make him
feel bad for doing something, it could be about nothing.
Recently I started to realize maybe it's not really me.
It's probably how I was raised.
Let me explain.. My mother had me when she was 16. The
only reason why my parents got married was because she got
pregnant. Could you imagine growing up being told not to
make the same mistake your mom did when she was young? So
what their saying is, I was a mistake.
My father cheated on my mother soon after my sister was
born. We're about 3 years apart. They of course, got a
divorce. Anyway.. yada.. yada.. yada..
So basically, the same thing that happens to most people
happened to me. I just never thought that their divorce
would have such an impact on my life now... at the age of

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