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2001-11-30 06:00:11 (UTC)


Ok..So I made it to Nashville after getting up at 4 am
loacal Reno time I ended up in Nashville at 6:30 pm Local
time..so my daughter and I spent 12 feakin hours in planes
and airports. Miserable I tell you. And I think I got
chosen for every random search they had at the airport. I
took 5 trunks and 1 suitcase to check in...and they
searched them twice..the first time it wasn't so bad..it
was a kinda search..however..oin Vegas they took every
single item out of the luggage and then did a piss poor job
of re[lacing it and put dents and crap in my
trunks..however..it was the most amusing thing I'd seen all
day to see those huge security gaurd men and one woman put
everything back. *laughs* Damn..it was really funny. I
don't like Southwestern a I don't think..I mean..the open
boarding thing is kinda neat..that means you get to pick
what seat you want to. However..they aren't very friendly
and they don't serve meals, and they're reps are nigh
impossible to find when you want to. But..I guess that's
how it goes. Poor Kira's ears hurt so bad from the pressure
that she nearly cried..and we had alot of scary turbulence
landing in Nashville..but we are safe and in one piece.
On a different joke..apparently Joey says my boobs have
gotten bigger. Bg surprise since I'm pregnant, but
apparently it was important enough for him to confirm
*smirks* Nothing else very interesting happened today..I'm
tired..my hips hurt..my back hurts and Kira's hyper. *sigh*

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