as the Oval turns
2001-11-30 05:53:11 (UTC)


One actually good development is that over Thanksgiving
break, I did the Big Cut. I had enough new growth to go
ahead and cut off my permed hair. So now my hair is in a
short sorta-fro. It's in a natural, but my natural hair,
although really curly, is not extremely kinky. The curl is
maybe just a little bit tighter than my dad's hair, and he
has that soft biracial people's hair. So that's
cool...this is the first time I've actually worked with my
own natural hair texture. Also,this is the first time I'm
actually satisfied with my hair, to where I can look in the
mirror and the style fits me, and I don't feel paranoid
about it "keeping." Now, I don't think that there's
anything wrong with a perm, but I think that there's some
kind of pathology if we've got 70% or more African-American
women perming their hair, picking scabs on their scalps for
weeks to get a bone-straight mane. Add to the fact that
most black women have never dealt with their own natural
hair, yet talk about getting a perm so they can "control"
it. After really thinking on that, it just doesn't sit
well with me. It reminds me of the whole "good hair," "bad
hair" thing, with "good hair" meaning that which is closest
to white, and what lengths we go through to alter the way
God made us, with nice naps and supertight curls. It's
sad...but it doesn't have to be like that. It's called
getting out of a mindset. I don't know if I'm ever going
to get another perm, we shall see, but I think that if I do
ever get one, it'll be out of style choice rather than
trying to make my hair into shaking "Yes" hair.