2001-11-30 05:40:11 (UTC)

I absolutely don't know what to say!!!!!

First of all I completely bombed my physics test so
therefore I get to settle for whatever grade I get in that
class and I have to bust my ass for the final. Ok second
of all I have a statistics test tomorrow afternoon, and I'm
not exactly sure how that is going to go either....if it
turns out like the other one did, I'm going to be SOL. Now
third, I'm having trouble understanding what goes on
anymore....everything is just kinda messy and confusing.
Is that how life is always going to be?????

Well, let's just put it this way. I'm ready to get this
semester over with and get my life back....I'm going to
work my tail off next semester!!!!! College is supposed to
be fun, but I guess all I get to do is work my butt off!!!

OK, well since I am currently in a fight with my ex-
boyfriend over things that I'm not sure even make sense to
me anymore.....I'm going to go! I hope you all are having
a better night than me!!!!! Peace!

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