De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-11-30 05:15:16 (UTC)

Summer Heat

I've uploaded some pics from the past 6 months... couldn't
complete scanning em b4 i got chased out from the
library..more to come soon...enjoy...

Friday 30/11/01

The last day of spring...and the summer heat has already set
in..which is amazing cos we're still gettin cold nights the days it's 23 degree celsius..and it's hot! went for a walk
today and indulge in some ice-cream goodness...the diary is havin a
fine time selling ice-creams to lots of pple... : )

didn't really do much today... settled some admin...then went to the
library to scan some pics in, but got chased out cos i went too

basically hanged around at home..cos i have little money : ( and
havta save for the trip next week... but i had the chance to chat
with mami and nai though... and got to know em even better..

tomoro, we'll prob down to Cuba St for that's good.. i'm
sick of eating what i'm eating now...and my saliva glands cant help
activating when i watched that cooking documentary on Discovery..wit
all the fishies...damm i wish i can eat some fresh fish....


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