as the Oval turns
2001-11-30 04:13:02 (UTC)

I'm so tired

Song of the Whatever: The Calling - "Wherever You Will Go"

Well, I'm sleepy and tired, and no rest is in sight :(

Okay, finals are coming up, my dad converted to Islam, and
I'm still broke...great. I guess it could be worse,
although my dad's conversion is really, really bad. I just
pray that Jesus makes Himself real to him. I'm looking
forward to going home for a while. It'll be nice,
especially since I'm going to Florida over the Christmas
holiday with the fam. That'll be awesome :)

I saw Pacey today...I wish he wasn't so hot: I guess he
has two final exams tomorrow...that sucks for him. But at
least he doesn't have to worry about finals during finals
week. But he's going to be staying in town until the end
of finals week, goodness knows why...he's from Cinci, not's only about 90 minutes away. In good news,
Esther said that Pacey isn't hooked up with one of the
Giggly Chicks, which is fine and well but he's not with me
either so that still sucks.

I was talking to Jenna yesterday about losing weight, b/c I
know that it's important that I lose it...I'm fat, and I'm
really too fat for my height. My only issue is that I
don't want to lose weight and then all of a sudden dudes
will feel the need to holla at me. If they can't holla at
me now, then they need to step on later. But more
importantly to me than that, I don't want that to be the
case with Pacey. If he dares to do that crap, then I don't
ever want to speak to him again...b/c I will know for sure
that anything that happens or doesn't happen in our
relationship is based on the way I look. Sure, there are
my days that I say that Pacey is hot, but I don't like him
b/c he looks fine once in a while...b/c there are indeed
times where he has looked hideous. The best example is the
beginning of last school year, when we were at this
overnight retreat, and he looked like crap...he hadn't
trimmed his goatee and he had this horrible case of acne
all over his body. But it never stopped me from liking
him. So if he sees me in shallow generalities, even after
two intense years, he needs to leave me alone and get a

Marie is talking to me again! That's awesome! And she's
taking an internship down in Florida, so I'm really proud
of her, that she's doing something cool for herself and not
b/c of Bill or some other idiot we call a man.

I need to put my clothes in the dryer...cya :)

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