A day in the life....
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2001-11-30 03:57:44 (UTC)

Well it's just another day

(yes my grammar will be horrible for those who care, but
this is MY DIARY so i'll write how i want to. *laughs*)

Just another day in the life of a semi-typical college
female. going to class, doing the homework bit, ya
know..the usual stuff. But lately, even with all the usual
stuff it seems to kinda pile up. I have a speech to finish
up for tomorrow, a paper to write for monday, a solo to
practice for sunday, a party a church Saturday afternoon,
need to get my allergy shot tomorrow, need to call my
advisor and schedule an appointment, need to call some
friends, need to find something to do that is fun, Thank
God i don't work again til next yi yi. if you
are the praying type, say a small one for me and all the
other college students that are getting stressed. Finals
are approaching...10 or 11 days away...EEK!
I cannot think.
I know i should go, i just don't want to. Damn it. (sorry,
i try not to cuss i'm just REALLY frustrated at myself for
putting stuff off for so long.) Oh well...i suppose i shall
go. G'night.

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