It smells like poop over here
2001-11-30 03:52:06 (UTC)

my brother is comin back

it's like 10:40, and in like a half hour, me and my mom are
driving down ot the amtrak station to pick up my brother.
you probably haven't heard much about him. he's been
traveling along the west coast for the past few months. we
used to be close, but i've grown up and became my own
person. we're really different now, but i guess we're still
brothers in a way. he's bout 6'3" and like 180 lbs. he's
more "free spirited" i guess. he's kinda like a hippie.
matt, my bro, is a vegetarian too. we're a little
different. im a short, chunky, punker who wrestles and eats
burgers every other day. he's really home sick, so he's
coming back. i haven't really missed him. he trys to be too
controling, so these past few months, i've just been doin
whatever i've wanted without gettin hassled by him. i think
the thing im gonna miss the most with him back is my
freedom to masturbate. i could do it like 3 times a day, no
worries. no his deadbeat ass is gonna be home ALL THE TIME!
oh well, looks like jerkin the gerkin is gonna have to wait
a while. PEACE!