James Ryan Clarque

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2001-11-30 03:38:10 (UTC)

well well well

wel shit it's thursday and well the week is over for me
thank god. I had a really bad day yesterday. I had to fix
the school newspaer and stuff. Since im editor in chief it
is hrd. my oter editors are all sophomores..except this
one senior chick, but shedoes work like a sophomore
anyway. these sophomores are smart and all, but damn I dnt
know how they fucked up these pages so much..I mean damn.
I missed for periods of class yesteday. so actually I only
went o 1 period yesterday.. and the teacher was an ass to
me. freakin german teacher. well I was so stressed out.
so I went to practice and all...no biggie.. I came home and
well I fell asleep in a chair. I woke up this morning
wonderig what the hell happened. and also wondering why I
was so cold. anyway. today sucked too.. I get to school
and find out that there are still errors in my paper...and
then people rubbed it in my face. this killed me. I just
wanted to kill somebody. man im tired. well im not having
a good week it seems

well Im getting raffled off for wintermas for NHS and they
think they are gonna make the most money on me. I dont see
it, but whatever. they say i am the most eligible
bachealor at our school..I laughed. sounds like bullshit
to me. I really dont know what girls see in me. and really
I dont see any girls being interested in me. im not
popular and shit im pretty much a nerd. I love star trek
and playing chess. I meanshit how nerdy can it get.
whatever. Im lonely and stuff. seriously Im just sitting
at home and stuff. oh yeah today when I kame home my siser
was here and well so were four girls from her color guard.
they ddnt hear me come in because they were in my room and
they were going through my drawers! they were laughing at
my boxers and t-shirts. and then my operation pajamas. and
they were smelling my Drakkar cologne. I walked in and saw
girls which I didnt know going thrgh my shit.. they were
embarassed and all, but I mean shit my sister was lettig
them go through my shit. anyway that sucked. and the y
sister told them some very embarassing stores abot me.
well I dont know these girls and stuff and that just isnt
right. well im tired right now so im gonna go and chill.
so bu bye.


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