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2001-11-30 03:30:52 (UTC)

'I dont really feel like going'

I said to myself as I crawled out of bed at 550 this morning. I went
to Ashleys room, and said, "should I go?" "No" she replied without
thought to my inquiry. Good enough for me. Huggles told me the
night before to stay home. Besides, im tired outta my mind
and 'sick'. I hardly remember walking to the door to let the dog
out, and falling back into my nice warm bed and drifting off to
sleep. I woke up again at 730 to the sound of a doorbell ringing,
but dismissed it. It was only Nichole coming to go to school with
Colleen. I yawned and nuzzled my face into my pillows and drifed off
once again. I woke at 1030 to the sound of a cats meow, causing mass
confusion within myself. Where was she? Did she get stuck somewhere
in my room? After a half- hearted search I opened the door, and
Buffy, my calico lil kitty cat looked at me and mewed. I picked her
up, and she happily snuggled against me, and joined me in my slumber
that lasted until noon, when she decided to play 'claw the human' cuz
she wasnt comfy. And I was dreaming too. 'Bout muffin. Nothin
dirty people, so dont think it. But it was nice though. I miss my
matt. And I also dreamt about Mary and Sarah. That one was kinda
knutty. And there was one before that, where i opened the freezer
and there was all this ice in it, and it was so full of ice, when i
closed it, ice flew everywehre and the door wouldnt shut. The ice
was cold. Very cold.

Lets name the responsibilities i totally blew off today, because I
want to relish in my irresponsiblity. Everyone else gets to be
selfish, I want a day.

1. New lesson in Geometry. This crap were doin now is easy, no big
2. English. Minor problem here, because were taking notes on the
rest of the book, the last 20 chapters i should say. And were
getting another sheet of poems were required to write. No biggie, i
love poetry. And i copy notes really really fast. Also, I think
were starting YET ANOTHER book in there. Yippee.
3. American History. Yes, i did finsh my project. *go trika!* But
i decided, you know what, I dont care. If i have to present it all
alone tomorrow, more power to me.
4. Jrotc. Big fat WHATEVER to them. Yeah, it is inspection day.
Yeah, Ill get chewed out cuz I wasnt there. Ha, Kevin gets to feel
what its like to REALLY be in charge. Hell do good, he always does
once he gets off his ass and actually does something. I usually dont
give him enough credit. He can deal with the people bitching about
the flag detail today, cuz i hear one more person whine they lose
their head. *smiles* Also, blah blah we need everyone there to get
first place. I didnt have to wear mine today, I gatta wear it
saturday for the parade were in. So :-P.

Guitar playing relaxes me alot. I dont knwo why, but it made me feel
better. I sat there and played for an hour yesterday, then played
with my bass a bit and ash told me it was my turn for the net. I was
like, cool. So i did my homework as I played with Huggles on
neopets, and stuff. It was fun.

I think that 99% of people leave high school with out their
virginity. And if my bff decides to do that, I dont know what Ill
do, because I dont think she should. I dont want her to ruin her
life. There are too many examples of lives destroyed by it. I know
of like atleast 4 or 5 just down here in FL. *HUG for my bff* Dont
do it. I beg you, dont do it.

Matt, angel, I really really love you.
Huggles, I loves you too, and I loves you so much my bff.

- Trika -

ps- i wrote this yesterday