The many thoughts of Ann
2001-11-30 03:21:59 (UTC)

The Weekend

well me and sonia are gettin together this weekend.
she has told her very gay friend about me and her. i dont
know exactly how much he knows but i have a feeling he
knows quite a bit. i mean.. he could know how good of a
kisser she thinks i am!!!! see now i just feel weird.
anyway she talked to him about me for like 30 minutes..
WHAT ABOUT!???? oh well. and she also mentioned somethin
about a master plan for the weekend which she wouldn't tell
me but she said she would tell me the plan when it
happened... so now i am OH so nervous. but at the same
time EXCITED!!!! anyway... i haven;t really talked to her
at all today cuz she wasn;t at school during the afternoon
and i didn;t talk to her on the phone till like 9 45! anyway
i gotta run
i'll keep ya updated...that is.. if anyone is reading... if
anyone is it would be easier to let me know and i would
write more often for u guys!