a brat
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2001-11-30 03:03:05 (UTC)

happy day

it has been a long time since i have been in a good mood.
let alone the fact that i was in a very fantastic mood
today.i dont think that there is really anything special
behind it like getting something i want, but i guess
because it's very rare that i have a day that i am pretty
much worry free. because it seems as though i am always all
tied up with things that usually have nothing or little to
do with me.
but i have nothing important to worry about no deadlines,
no people to impress nothing like that and that makes me
very happy.i did not have to work and i like that idea and
the fact that i got to spend two days of quality time with
a friend who i almost never see anymore made me happy.
i guess it's the days like this that i really do cherish in
my life because they mean the most to me.
when people get older they move on in life and i guess that
sometimes it may be hard but you have to keep the faith
sometimes. keep the ties with the people that you love so
that you dont lose touch.
yeah sometimes it may be hard to let your best friends grow
apart from you knowing how close you once were but you have
to let then go so that they can live too. because if you
dont then when you spend that needed time with them it wont
be the good.
but you have to take care of yourself and sometimes even
give yourself a day or maybe just a night off so that you
can breathe. think out all the things that you need to do
and get your priorities in order so then life really doesnt
seem that bad.
i learned that the hard way and i have found that i am one
of those people that always does things that hard way first
and learns from myself no matter how many times i have seen
someone else make the same mistake i never learn unless i
end up doing it myself. i hate that but i have also learned
to live with it. and i am slowly learning how to love
myself in the process. otherwise i dont think i wouldve had
such a good day today.