Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-11-30 03:00:22 (UTC)

im a mean person!

Ok everything in my life is going pretty well-- except the
whole ME part.. Im a friggen psycho!!! I can't handle
people. I mean I have my main little group of friends but
when it comes to people that arent in my little group Im
friendly but I really dont like them much... ESPECIALLY
GUYS! I dont know what my issue is. I get sick of people
so fast. Maybe this just means I have found my true
friends and nobody else matters to me b/c the friends I
have a everything I want in life. That would make me feel
like Im not such a horrible person if that was true-- but I
dont know if it is.. I mean I love my friends to death but
I think Im just pure evil and dont try hard enough to like
other people. I dont give myself time to adjust to their
personalities before I decide I can't stand them. God I'm