confessions and love letters
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2001-11-30 02:56:11 (UTC)

nov 29..or 28?

tired, irritated by nothing in particular.
perhaps just with myself.
things in life are good though, happy
smiling much,
but still something feels wrong in me.
lack of iron perhaps?
maybe i need to get out more.
but i don't really want too.
i like my life as a hermit.
i like my music, i like my pencil and paper.
i like hanging around and looking at things.
wondering what's going to happen.
wondering what i'm doing.
wondering why everybody is so dramatic,
and why does this sound like i am?
wishing i wasn't feeling this way right now.
i make myself sick, with everything to smile at but nothing
hoping i'll wake up to a better day
and for now i'll just blame these feelings on my period,
seems to work most of the time.