thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-30 02:45:59 (UTC)

each day I grow closer.....

Each day I grow closer and closer to my destiny. I dont
know what it is yet but everyday I am one step closer to
the beginning of something wonderful. I'm not sure what,
but I know something that will make me happy. I dont know
how to explain what I am feeling but I am so uncertin of
things right now. I dont know what to do, with all of the
decisions I have to make I am starting to feel pressured
and annoyed. Josh reminded me I have to take the SAT's
soon. God my head hurts from all of this. I am so unsure
of how I feel. I'm confused, I wish I could be with
friends and not at home bymyself. I wish I could find some
idiot bliss. I wish I wasnt depressed. I wish I was done
with highschool. I wish I wasnt here. I wish....I wish....
AHHH! What to do? What to do?