Kat Eyes
2001-11-30 01:59:10 (UTC)


i have been feeling pretty shity lately. i fall asleep in
class, i hate my homework, and i hate going to school in
general. i never used to hate school in cali. i walked 40
min. there at 6 in the morning, but it never bothered me.
but here,dad drives me, and i hate going. i'm in all honors
classes and the finals are in december. i have no idea
whats going on in most of my classes and there in no way i
can pass. i know that isn't the way to look at it, but its
true. there is no way i can pass. i could study 24/7 and i
couldn't do it. i've been crying all day. ryan asked me out
on a date and i said no, but i was thinking about re-
considering and he really didn't want to go out with me. i
guess he wanted to see if i really would or whatever. i
told dad how i felt tonight. he walked in my room while i
was crying. hes sleeping out on the kiving room sofa(id
on't know why...but if i had to wake up to lissa's face
evrymorning, thats where i'd sleep too. well, i have to go
and dig my grades in the ground some more and do homework.