emo kween

i hug pillows
2001-11-30 00:56:39 (UTC)


im on the phone with mike right now. and today was good and

i had fun becuase we had an assembly for our class rings
and stuff like that. it was amsuing.

i just hung up on mike too. hes had such a bad attitude all


oh, and the reason the day was bad was because i was so
mean to adam and for like no reason at all. i just get in
these moods and im mean. like last nite. but it was his
fault, he said he didnt trust me. so i told him i didnt
care and then we proceeded to argue it out. and i won. but
i feel bad. hes my adam and i need to treat him nicer. :]

hhahah today after school we (me mike and belo) went by
adams to say hi but he wasnt home so when we were leavin,
we stopped at the median thingy place and of all people to
stop RIGHT next to us, it was SCOTT! hahahaha i mean, me
and belo act like 3 years olds haha we were yellin and
screamin and tryin to hide and sheesh, it was funny...

oh. tomorrow is fridayyyy. woohoo. ok this is enough talk
about nothing.


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