Blurbs of the Moderately Insane
2001-11-30 00:56:27 (UTC)


I have been told by a few people in the span of my
short adulthood that I am a walking contradiction. I am all
for monogamy, but I'm ok with group sex. I am in love with
one person, but I believe you can be in love with several
people at once. I think there is a finite end to things,
but at the same time I believe endings can be a
resurrection of something not new. I walk in awareness, but
I also walk blind to what is around me.

I don't try to say I am this black-and-white cut-and-
dry person. I'm not. If I am insecure about my appearance
and no one opinion but my parent's matters, I can still be
insecure about people liking me. There are so many complex
levels to a person that no one person can be pigeon-holed.
I truly believe there is no black and white, there is only
the grey between. I think the difference in the answers
lies in the situation being presented.