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Emo Violence
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2001-11-30 00:24:01 (UTC)


no longer having a social life has a salutary affect on my
productivty level. today after school i copied half of the
2nd side of my master cd for my x mas mix tapes on to the
computer, then got copies, got a new hair cut (looks a
little to punk rock and not enough emo for me, but it will
do, grow out and such) and made dinner beofre 6pm, that
sounds pretty good if you ask me. now its barley after 7
and i dont have much to do, i may finish up the master cd
or just do it saturday, i need to get stuff ready for
tommrows show, i need a big box, also all my flyers a jar
ect. ill be fine though.

weird conincedences, Rich, was lookin for a new SN and the
one he wnated was taken so he IMed the person, and it just
HAPPENED to be a girl who goes to shows WHO just happened
to live in Delaware and just HAPPENED to attend Rich's
band's last show in kennet, at the garage, so thats cool,
he really likes this girl i think, nick told me a little
about her, said shes cute and all, i dont know if i know
her, i will prolly recognize her, both rich and Girl X are
goin to zac's show tommrow, im doin the door, OH this'll be

other news, not much else is chillin, im tired and a little
cold, i know what im wearin tommrow too. should be a nice
night. at least im with my mom on friday no un-fun-ness
with father. suprised he didnt call me tonight to go to
the hospitol, ive gone everynight for over a week straight,
if not more than one time a day, im definately emotioanlyl
exhausted, nice 2 days off, tonight and friday.
*yawn* i wish nick would go to the shwo tommorw, i forgot
just how much i like this kid, he called me right after
school tdoay and we talked for bout an hour, hes so
adorable. cough cough... Elija wood. (look a like)

*stretch* maybe ill go to bed early this night, im pretty
beat, (beat red) no just kidding.

thats all for this time.