Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
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2001-11-30 00:00:52 (UTC)

my dream

so i had this dream last night, about Matt Skiba from
alkaline trio.. it ended up makin me almost late for the
bus, lol. i had to finish puttin my pants on on the bus...
hell, i didnt even get to put on my bra. and i had gym
today, dammit!

so yea, i actually did dishes today without bein asked to.
ho0ray for me! yea yea yea.

i Emailed Derek (drummer of alkaline trio) yesterday about
the drawing i made that they could consider using as a CD
cover or something.. hope that works out.

i wrote more rambling poetry today.. my favorite is the car
"wish i had a car.. i could come visit you. we could
eat in my car.. be alone in my car.. we could drive around
in my car. but best of all, i could run you over with my
car. don't you wish i had a car?"

hahahahahahhahah AHAHA DHASD ASDHASKJDadas yea. so.. hehe.
well BYE!