2001-11-29 23:51:56 (UTC)

another fun day!!

hi!! ok.. I am writing you again!! we have like 8 school days
left before the exam and quess what ? i don't have to take
the exam so.. you know.. free free free...... no! not exactly..
have i told you that my gpa this semester isn't that perfect??
yeah, well.. i'm still gonna get some A's and B's on my report
card but.. i don't really want any B's though... ha ha i am
kida greedy and all i want is A!!! i did pretty good last
semester but i don't know why didn't i do so well this time.
most of people said that i've taken so hard corses and it's just
too much for me to handle all of this... so stress!!!

I know that i'll be very busy everyday before the x-mas
break.. i have to take at least 3 tests a day... and still have to
study and do tons of homework... and i still have to do the
activities for the beta club, key club and spanish club! oh my
my my.......

my grade in anatomy isn't that good either... we're doing the
disection right now and man, this is fun or what? time does
fly when we're disecting the pig and yes.. the test was hard
too.... mrs. thompson decided that we'll have the optional
quizes and tests after school next week..... and yes.. i will
take that option of course... how can i don't take it when i
really need the grade so badly!! oh, we've got our paper
today....and quess what diary, i made a 99.....yay!!!!!!

diary, i'll have to study for physics now... i am so lost today
when we started the new stuffs .. and i can't have a B in that
class.. i really do need an A so... really have to study hard!!!
i also have a spanish test tomorrow...voca..i think....definitely
have to study!! and yeah.. i can't forget about anatomy huge
test on second block.. i've heard that it's gonna b filling the
blank ( the kind of test that i hate most !! ) so what am i
kiddin?? gotta run now!!! later dayz........ bye

ps. wish me luck ^0^