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2001-11-29 23:14:01 (UTC)

me me me

Dear Diary,

Chris's birthday party last night was fun!! We all
danced like crazy!! I actually danced slow songs with him.. It
brought a lot of good memories.. but some how, something
wasn't there... oh diary.. the chemistry wasn't there
anymore...that's right.. we were just dancing as friends..
really close friends.. and only friends. I made him these little
card.. he said it's was the sweetest thing.. and i know that he
meant it. i am so glad we are friends.. i don't know.. it's this
feeling that sometimes i just miss him so much and want us
to get back together again, but sometimes i just want us to be
only friends. .. only close friends... everyone still this that
we are still dating. i am not trying to tell everybody that we
already broke up... because then people will ask me why..
and diary, the reason is too painful to talk about.. let's leave it
to myself. he's still sweet to me of course.. we still holding
hands and hug and do staffs like that as a couple.. but we
mean only friends..at least that is what i think that we think..
oh diary, am i missing him or what... this is
10:00 P.M. the usual time that we used to talk.. of course we
don't call each other that often anymore.... and this stupid
radio station always turn on our songs... sigh.... i am getting
I'll have to stop now and go to sleep or go rent
some movies or order pizza or go out to the gym and work
out or something so i can keep my mind away from the
staff.. may be i can call my best friend nikki to come over
and we can go to skate!! yeah.. it's gonna be fun!!
Well, i'll talk to you later ... 'night diary

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