mark my words
2001-11-29 23:04:32 (UTC)

what an exciting week!

This week has been flying by REALLY fast...
Yesterday I went to Lindsay's. We were going to have a
little dance party but Tom called my cell phone and was
like "Come to the pizza place". So of course we went...
Mark was there... I almost died. I was dressed like white
trash and we were chilling with these amazingly hot guys...
Chad was there, Mark, and a few other random people, and me
and Lin were just enjoying all the attention. There was
this one time when we were outside and Mark and I were
leaning against Tom's car, and I turned around for a second
and felt a something little bounce off my cheek. I turned
around and looked at Mark like "What the fuck?" and he
pretended to be like whistling, then he looked at me and
just gave me this really sweet smile. My heart practically
stopped. Why does he have to be so hot? I tell myself I
don't want him, but that smile made it all come rushing at
me. And he doesn't want me at all! When Bill wanted to
get with me, he asked Mark if it was okay by him, and Mark
said he didn't care. So why do I think I have a chance
with him? I don't.
But we were just hanging out, and I talked to Mark a lot,
which was nice because we really don't talk that much.
When I finally went home he was like "Later" and I was
like "later!" He and Tom went to Lin's and my dad picked
me up... haha that made me feel mighty cool. But then Lin
called my cell phone and was like, "Want us to come get
you? Mark wants to get with you." He just uses me for
ass, it's so obvious. So I was like "Nahh, I'll pass" and
she was like, "okay, okay, but he's saying that you, me,
him, and Mike have to have a little get together some
time." Sounds good to me. I just don't want to mess up
anything between me and Bill right now. It's not like
we're together, but tomorrow is Cotillion, and he's my
date. I don't want him getting mad at me for hooking up
with his friend two days before the big dance. If Mark and
I are meant to be, it'll happen sooner or later.
Okay I'm going to go eat some mashed potatoes...