Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-11-29 22:50:22 (UTC)

Pissy mood, A rant of all rants.......

ok, so i'm PISSED!!! Aint anything going to go FUCKING
RIGHT for a change? So i got another rejection letter, got
a flat tire, got a mortgage company threatening to
foreclose on our house, got no fucking job that'll pay all
da bills, got no otha fucking job prospect, got a storm
brewing in da west, got no hope in da system, got no faith
in da system, got no hope in nuthin' cept for a thin ribbon
of a betta futcha... Aye, these are trying times. It'll
kill ya, or it'll make ya stronger, in a world full of
shuga-coated delusional drugsnortin idiots. Oh well, life
sucks, then u dead (like a maggot-infested corpse of dying

Where's my goddamn genesis book about how god created this
world and put on it his wondrous creatures??? Where the
fuck are those goddamn wondrous creatures, and how can they
solve my problems, eh???

oh well, life is shit if you're in a retarded bullshit
system like the one you're in if you were plenty
mo' ass kissin comin' my way.

hmmmmmmm, lessee, i'll be reduced to livin' in da projects,
selling crack to make ends meet, and pimpin' bitches for
residual income.....yeah, dat's how the gov'ment treats its


Yes, that was fun. Nothing like having pizza and watching
your favorite program on television while you ponder your
existence and the meaning of it all (guess I'm still not
finished....) Lessee, why were we put on this fucking
planet??? I don't GODDAMN KNOW! company. guess I'll go mire my head in muck,