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2001-11-29 22:30:07 (UTC)

What is love..??

Dear Diary,

I am sorry, I couldnt log on today so I wrote my entry
instead of typing it out. But to sum up what I have in mind
today I will just say it as briefly as I can.

Love, love is a small word with lots of meanings to it but
doesnt really define what it is. Love is happiness, love is
sadness, love is sorrows, love is completeness one feels,
love is passion, love is liking, love is friendship, love
is eternity, love is GOD and love is everything!! I dont
know how exactly should I define love but I would say love
is a feeling which is greater than anything else in the

I loved someone too but I was never loved in return so I
dont know how it feels to be loved by someone so special to
you in your life. I will wait for that someone special to
come in my life and give me all the love that I am waiting

Yeh Pyaar bhi kya cheez hai
Hum nahi jaante.
Kisise dil lagane ka matlab
Hum nahi jaante
Dil mein basi kiski yeh surat hai
Hum nahi jaante
Par yeh khub kaha hai kisine
Pyaar hi iss duniya ki sabse badi zaroorat hai!

Who is that someone I am waiting for???

Jai Shree Krishna...

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