Little Bird

Private Babbling
2001-11-29 22:10:23 (UTC)


Two nights ago I had such a good dream. Actually, I think
it was in morning…Anyway…I had a dream that I was sitting
in a dug out with a bunch of baseball players and one of
them let me touch him. It was such an intimate thing. It
wasn’t anything ‘sexy’. I was behind him giving him a back
rub as he watched the game. Every time he moved I withdrew
and tried not to interfere with him. In my head I kept
thinking ‘I know you are married, I just want to touch
you.’ He was kinda like Toby Keith and The Mac put

A weird part of the game, one of the guys, the pitcher, had
a broken hand and was playing with some kids. They were
hitting pop flies and the outfielders were catching them.
It was very homey.

I wish I had a baseball playing Sir. Oh, those muscles.
God, he felt so nice.

Last night I had a dream that I took Comet to a show and
Charlie and Mike were both the handlers. Charlie had a
group of horses and people, Mike sat with me while Comet
was shown. I noticed that Comet was shaved like we have
Jack shaved right now but the hair that was still on him
was long and wooly. It was embarrassing!
Now that I write this dream out I think it has something to
do with the fact that I told Mike I need to keep Comet home
for a while after the Cedar Ridge fire. It made me cry.
Comet lived through a fire already. I would be sick if he
was in one far from home.
I’m thinking about calling Mike Miller now to see if he
will come down and look at Comet. I haven’t seen him in so
long. I think it would be good to meet with him.

I have a Sir now…maybe. I’ve been talking to a Sir who
sounds really nice. He had his training in England and
seems like a real gentleman. I haven’t seen his picture
yet. Honestly, if he is ugly I don’t think I can play with
him. I need to be attracted to my Sir before I can let him
have me.
I also have a new playmate. He is a real dog! I might keep
him for a while, knowing from the get go that it’s just a
game. He might be able to give me my 2 men fantasy.
I’m at a crossroads. I want to please my Sir but I also
want to play. I feel like I have no direction right now so
to Hell with it. I’m gonna be buck wild until my Sir
actually takes my reigns.

TTFN Gentle Reader!